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10 Ways to Get Cheap & Free Accommodation Worldwide (2024)

10 Ways to Get Cheap & Free Accommodation Worldwide (2024)

I cannot believe how generous and helpful you are with your readers. I have read all your articles and I’ve seen tips on how we can get free accommodation but I was wondering… do you have a complete list somewhere so that I can do a complete research of all the options that I have? Even the cheaper options are fine! I’m going on a ‘round the world‘ (RTW) trip so it will be very helpful so that I can save more money!

Jen from the USA

Like what Jen has mentioned in her message above, there are a LOT of cheap and free accommodation options out there that can help you save money as you travel the world!

“FREE accommodation” definitely sounds too good to be true when I first heard of it — but much like what Jen has mentioned in her message above, it is possible and there are numerous options out there for you so that can help you save money as you travel the world.

A lot of people see travel as an expensive activity that can only enjoyed by the rich, but that is not true! Travel can be really affordable — in fact, it will only become expensive if you choose it so (e.g. booking yourself into 5-star hotels, etc.).

That’s why, for as long as you are open and proactively seeking available choices that will give you cheap or free places to sleep in, you can always save a whole lot on your travel fund — and of course, to save you from the trouble of listing all the best resources on cheap or free accommodation, you can use this comprehensive article as a resource.

Please feel free to share it with your friends or bookmark it to your browser for future reference.

For your ease as well, I have categorized the free accommodation options for quick access; simply expand the ‘table of contents’ below to jump to the section you want.

Where to Get Cheap or Free Accommodation

» Couch Surfing

Couch surfing is a ‘coined term’ that refers to the act of permitting a friend or stranger to stay in your house for FREE, and they can use whatever space available that you allow them to occupy: the couch, the floor, or a whole room.

Through this way, a host can enjoy meeting new and foreign people, while the ‘couch surfer’ can of course enjoy the free accommodation and the chance to experience the city with a local (the host).

Simply put, in these websites you can either be a host or a couch surfer and it’s absolutely free to connect with anyone in the world that’s open to doing a couch surfing set-up.

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