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Boingo Wi-Fi: What You Need to Know

Boingo Wi-Fi: What You Need to Know

Through a partnership between Boingo and Mastercard, eligible cardholders can enjoy access to Wi-Fi hotspots at over one million locations worldwide, as well as on flights with select airlines.

This can be particularly useful to anyone who needs to stay connected on the ground or in the skies, and the best part is that comes without any additional fees.

In this guide, we’ll explore everything there is to know about the Wi-Fi partnership between Boingo and Mastercard.

Boingo’s Wi-Fi Partnership with Mastercard

Boingo is a provider of public and private wireless networks at major venues worldwide.

For consumers, the company is most visible through its more than one million affiliated hotspots worldwide, including places such as airports, stadiums, and train stations.

Likewise, Boingo has partnerships in place with a handful of airlines, allowing its subscribers to access in-flight Wi-Fi.

For years, Boingo has had a longstanding partnership with Mastercard, wherein certain cardholders are eligible to enjoy unlimited premium access to Boingo’s hotspots on the ground, as well as 12 90-minute in-flight Wi-Fi sessions per calendar year.

The Boingo benefits are free and ongoing, as long as you’re an active cardholder, and you don’t need to pay any additional fees.

In Canada, many premium Mastercard products offer Boingo access as a free benefit, including the following cards:

Canadian Credit Cards with Boingo Wi-Fi

Credit Card Best Offer Value

700 WestJet Dollars†

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