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Mexico vs Costa Rica Compared

Sunset at Bay of Papagayo Costa Rica

Mexico and Costa Rica are both popular tourist destinations that are visited by warm weather enthusiasts from all over the world. Both of these countries are simply lovely and are worthy of not just one visit, but many.

In both Costa Rica and Mexico, you’ll find friendly people, beautiful terrain, spectacular beaches, rich cultural heritage, and immense national pride. These two countries have so much to offer their residents and visitors.

These places are alike in many ways, but many differences set them apart from one another as well. Even though both countries are great, most people who have visited both have one that they prefer, and they can likely tell you why that’s the case.

It’s interesting to compare and contrast Costa Rica and Mexico and to consider both their similarities and differences. If you’re looking for a side-by-side comparison between the two, read on. If you’re trying to plan a trip or are just interested in learning more about these two nations, you’ll learn a lot about both of them below.

We do recommend visiting them both! Mexico and Costa Rica are wonderful places for a vacation or longer stay. Viva Mexico and Pura Vida to you!


Categories Mexico Costa Rica
Population 126,190,788 5,048,317
Land Area 761,600 square miles 19,370 square miles
Language Spanish Spanish
Weather Various but mostly dry and arid Various but mostly wet and humid
Safety Mostly Safe Very Safe
Cuisine Rice & Chicken & Beef & Corn & Vegetables & Fruit Rice & Chicken & Fish & Vegetables & Fruit
Attractions History and Nature Nature and Adventure
Activities Cultural, Adventurous, and Relaxing Natural, Adventurous, and Relaxing
Beaches Active, Beautiful, and Varied Quiet and Beautiful
Culture Indigenous, Spanish Colonial, Catholic Spanish Colonial, European and Caribbean influences, Pura Vida!

Weather in Costa Rica vs Mexico

Sunset at Bay of Papagayo Costa Rica
Kyle Kroeger / ViaTravelers

If you like warm weather, then you’re going to love the climate in both Costa Rica and Mexico. Due to the location of these two nations, you can expect a warm climate no matter what the time of the year, although there are of course slight dips in temperature in both places during the winter months.

Both of these countries experience wet and dry seasons, rather than the four seasons you may be used to up north. However, even with that said, much of Mexico is dry and arid, whereas most of Costa Rica is wet and humid.


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