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RVs parked along the ocean with palm trees - snowbird rental

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One of the main reasons you’ll hear in the RV world that people took the leap to hit the road is the option to have a snowbird rental. But what are snowbird rentals? 

Snowbirding is a massive deal for RVers and gives a method to their traveling madness. Plotting and planning to chase the sun and good weather year-round so you may never be stuck in the snow again.

That sounds like a dream come true for someone who despises to be cold! 

It also sounds like an excellent way to save some space in your RV. Imagine all the fun items you could store in place of bulky winter coats and sweaters!

We will give you the inside scoop on snowbirding in your RV. What it’s all about, where you can go, and why others love the practice so much that it’s become part of their yearly journey.

What Is A Snowbird?

A snowbird isn’t just a cute little white, fluffy flying animal. In the RV world (and the regular world), a snowbird is anyone, young or old, who likes to escape the cold weather and keep their shorts out year-round!

Snowbirds have figured out the perfect formula to escape the winter weather at all costs. 

Most of them are from a climate where they have the perfect summers but pretty chilly winters. Once the fall hits, they head south to warmer weather, avoiding the cold altogether. 

In order to really be considered a snowbird, you typically spend at least 3-6 months of your year seeking out a warmer climate than where you’ve been living or traveling. 

While many people in what we call “regular” life are doing this, too, it’s much more popular in the RV world. This is mainly because it is easier and cheaper to pull your RV to separate places than to have two separate houses.

This has long been thought of as a retirement plan, but with remote jobs absolutely booming in the last several years, it has gained popularity amongst younger people and families as well. 

What Are Snowbird Rentals?

RVs parked along the ocean with palm trees - snowbird rental
Escaping the cold winter months is easy if you have a home on wheels

Technically, snowbird rentals could be a house, condo, RV site, or any other living arrangement that people seek out in the winter months to keep away from the cold. 

We are going to stick with RV sites, though,…

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