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3 Undiscovered Florida Destinations (escape The Crowds!)

3 Undiscovered Florida Destinations (escape The Crowds!)

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If you traveled anywhere in 2023, then you probably noticed how it seemed like everyone in the world was traveling at the same time. Yep. More than a little overwhelming and overbearing.

In 2024, it’s time to seek out the more undiscovered places for more of a quieter retreat where we can escape the crowds, reconnect with the unspoiled wonders of nature, and indulge in outdoor adventures.

Creating memories in Cedar Key, Florida

In this post, we’ll take you to three lesser-known gems of Florida, which we discovered when exploring Natural North Florida in 2020 (you know that challenging year!) in partnership with VISIT FLORIDA.

From the pristine landscapes of Taylor County to the meandering waterways of Suwannee County, and the coastal treasures of Levy County, each region promises a unique escape from the hustle and bustle.

Family of four wearing snorkels on a boat.
Scalloping in Steinhatchee, Florida

We fell in love with this area’s untamed beauty and opportunity to retreat into an experience that gave us adventure and precious family bonding time, without the overwhelm that comes with busy and popular destinations. This is what our souls crave most.

Where are these undiscovered Florida destinations?

map of taylor, steinhatchee and suwannee county
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Taylor, Suwannee, and Levy County are part of an area of Florida known as Natural North Florida. This region lies between Gainesville to the east, Sopchoppy to the west, Cedar Key to the South, and the Florida-Georgia state line.

You can easily visit all three destinations in one trip. We recommend at least a week (3 nights in each destination), so you have time to merge with the unhurried pace of the region.

Cedar Key (Levy County)

Serene fishing village of Cedar Key

Slip into your flip flops, let go of your wound-up tensions, and surrender to a more leisurely rhythm.

We’re heading back to the days of Old Florida, reminiscent of the Key West you yearned to experience during Hemingway’s era. It’s raw and authentic, devoid of glamor or artificial tourist attractions. 

The serene fishing village of Cedar Key, nestled amidst the Cedar Islands, sits 4 miles out into the Gulf of Mexico, and exudes a raw, warm, and unhurried charm.

Discover unhurried charm

Your arrival across a series of bridges and picturesque salt marshes will bring you into a diverse community, where artisans, nature enthusiasts, and those in search of a more unhurried pace coexist harmoniously. 

Unmissable Experiences in Cedar Key

Apart from the obvious…

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