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Buy World of Hyatt Points with a 20% Discount

Buy World of Hyatt Points with a 20% Discount

World of Hyatt is a great alternative hotel loyalty program to Marriott Bonvoy and Hilton Honors.

Hyatt has recently announced the latest promotion on purchased points, which could be a valuable way for members to top up their points balances and book hotel stays.

Buy World of Hyatt Points with a 20% Discount

World of Hyatt is offering a promotion on points purchases until April 9, 2024, during which you’ll get a 20% discount upon buying at least 3,000 points.

Normally, Hyatt charges 2.4 cents per point (USD) to buy points. With this 20% discount, the rate is reduced to an effective cost of 1.92 cents per point (USD).

However, it appears that there’s actually a 36% discount on offer, which could be an error. This reduces the cost of purchasing points to just 1.54 cents per point (USD).

1.92 cents per point (USD) isn’t necessarily the most competitive price for buying World of Hyatt points, and it’s well above our current valuation of 1.5 cents per point (USD). However, if you can score the deal at 1.54 cents per point (USD), it’s better than anything we’ve seen in the past year. 

However, if you’re in immediate need of Hyatt points, this promotion could be an effective way to top up your account.

How many World of Hyatt points can you buy?

World of Hyatt usually imposes a limit of 55,000 points purchased per calendar year before any bonus is accounted for. That limit remains in effect for this promotion, although it’s been doubled in other promotions.

Note that World of Hyatt refers to all purchased points as Bonus Points.

If you max out this promotion, it’ll cost $844.80 (USD) for 55,000 Hyatt points (at the 36% discount rate).

Purchased points will appear in your account within 48 hours.

Which credit card should you use to buy World of Hyatt points?

World of Hyatt sells points through an external vendor, They don’t count as a travel purchase, and there’s no extra benefit to using, say, Chase’s US-issued personal or business World of Hyatt credit cards.

Instead, you can use any card with a high base earning rate, or one where you’re working on meeting the minimum spend requirement.

In particular, any US credit card will do. That’s because you’ll be charged Canadian sales tax if your billing address is in Canada.

Therefore, even a Canadian-issued credit card with no foreign transaction fees would be a worse choice — although it’s…

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