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19 Essential Things To Know Before You Visit The USA

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As the fourth biggest country in the world, there’s a lot to consider when planning a USA trip to make sure you are safe, can budget correctly, and make the most of your experience.

There’s the logistics of flights, getting around, deciding which states and cities to visit, what attractions to see, where to find good food, and concerns of how much things will cost.

The USA is the land of cultural diversity and with each state you’ll find a unique culture and come across different personalities from the locals.

This is why we’ve prepared this guide on things to know before you visit the USA, so you can visit feeling prepared for this amazing adventure and have the best possible experience.

Us walking across the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City

Things To Know Before You Go To The USA

Let’s get started on what to know before you visit America.

1. America is 50 United States of Diversity

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This is a huge country and there are plenty of places to visit in USA that are not just the famous cities of New York City, Las Vegas, and LA.

Regional differences across the Unites States extend to food, drink, accents, state laws and politics. Plus, it has every kind of landscape and climate you can think of!

We highly recommend you trade the Disneyland bucket list dreams for deeper dives into the incredible experiences on hand from stunning National Parks, to rich historical stories, and fun festivals.

USA travel opportunities are endless, from the wild, untamed wilderness of Alaska to the tropical islands of Hawaii, there’s so much to see and explore.

2. The USA Does NOT Use the Metric System

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I’ve missed turn offs because I have no concept of how much a 1/4 mile is and have ordered huge portions of food as I don’t know what 8 ounces are.

The base 10 metric system is so easy. I miss it! Convert. Convert. Convert.

Americans also use Fahrenheit instead of Celsius, which can be confusing if you’re not sure what the conversion is. 50 Fahrenheit sounds warm, until you realize that it’s 10 celsius.

They use kilometers per hour when driving, but distances are measured in miles (I know, confusing). They also use feet and inches instead of meters, and acres instead of hectares.

Google is incredibly useful for those quick conversions. I recommend you download a “metric converter” app on your phone beforehand.

3. You…

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