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7 Best Used Class C RV Brands – RVBlogger

7 Best Used Class C RV Brands – RVBlogger

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We have toured and reviewed tons of used Class C RVs out there, but what really matters, are the late model Class C RV brands. A brand is a reputation, after all, and it takes years, possibly decades, to build a massive consumer base that trusts your label. And buying a used Class C RV can save you a ton of money!

The best brands made it there through trial and tribulation, jumping into the fire, and returning scathed and singed, but smarter for the effort. The consumers in the RV business are not always kind, and it’s hard to blame them.

Class C RVs are not cheap, and the consumer is looking for a home on wheels, not a “forever in the repair garage” product. Some stand out and some don’t.

These pre-owned Class C RV brands are the cream that rose to the top, often struggling through the inevitable ups and downs of the business.

Is A Class C RV Right For You?

The answer to this often depends on the customer and what the customer wants. Class Cs, especially if you include the Super Cs, are capable of matching Class A motorhomes in terms of luxury and amenities.

The obvious thing that separates them from travel trailers and fifth-wheels is the engine. But the line of separation between Cs and As is much more narrow. This usually boils down to driving preferences and access to state and national parks.

Class Cs are a little easier to drive than Class As, and they also have a higher degree of access to state and national parks, thanks to their shorter lengths and lower weights. They’re easier to handle in heavy traffic as well, which is a huge selling point on its own.

Class C RVs also have a smaller footprint, though it’s not by much.

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7 Best Used Class C RV Brands

The best previously owned Class C RV brands either have a history of building their reputation or they made a huge impact early on, such as the Living Vehicle. Either way, these Class Cs are on a different wavelength altogether.

1. Dynamax

Dynamax is a division of Forest River Inc. that specializes in Class C motorhomes. Choose from four different Super C models, a compact

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