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20 Best Places To Visit in April USA (2024)

Best Place to Visit in USA in April

April is a beautiful time to visit the USA. It is a shoulder season, meaning the entire country is in its transition phase — be that squeezing in its last month of ski slopes or bursting with freshly bloomed wildflowers. Early April typically falls under Spring Break dates, but mid-April through to the end of the month has fewer people. This is definitely one of the reasons that we tend to visit the US during the spring months it means you can really choose your atmosphere when picking places to visit during this time of the year. One thing we noticed after visiting these places in April is that, depending on the specific dates you choose, you either join the crowds or enjoy a quiet period before busy summer dates.

Best Places to Visit in April in the USA

In this guide, we’ll explore the best places to visit in April in the USA. Whether you want to chase wildflowers in the Texas Hill Country or live it up at Coachella, we’ll find the sweet spot for you. Here are our hottest takes on where to visit this April.

1. Oahu, HI

Best Places to Visit in March USA Oahu Hawaii

Oahu is the capital of Hawaii, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that it runs most of its events and festivities. This is one of the main reasons we suggest Oahu for your April trip. You have the Hawaiian Scottish Festival & Highland Games (pretty incongruous, right?), arts and craft fairs, live music performances, culinary and beer events, and Hapalua – Hawaii’s half marathon. Oahu is really in its prime in spring, especially in April.

Best Places to Travel in April USA Oahu

Aside from these seasonal events, you’ve got the beautiful Diamond Head State Monument, Lana’i Lookout, and all the sightseeing in the capital, Honolulu. You can hike, go sightseeing at places like the Pearl Harbor National Memorial, and celebrate; Oahu just has so much to do. Oahu is easily one of the best islands in Hawaii, and that’s before factoring in its April festivities. Once Spring…

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