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15 Pros and Cons of Living in Bangkok


So far, in all of my travels, I can say with ease that living in Bangkok is one of the craziest experiences I’ve ever had – and I mean that in the best way possible. The city is truly “alive.” It’s loud and bustling, but there are also tranquil parks and scenic views. It’s huge in size and intensity, but in a way, it feels like a big community.

There are so many pros of living in Bangkok, including the cost of living, delicious food, and an active lifestyle. However, cons always need to be considered – and I’ve listed both below.

15 Pros and Cons of Living in Bangkok


I lived in Bangkok on and off for over two years. Every time I stayed there, I would discover something new or overcome a hurdle. It was always an adventure – regardless of the ups and downs.

I’ve created this list of pros and cons of living in Bangkok based on my own personal experience, extensive research, and speaking with other travelers and digital nomads.

Pros of Living in Bangkok

Bangkok is a city unlike any other and there are some seriously great perks to living there. Here are the top pros of living in Bangkok.

1. Appealing Cost of Living


One of the top advantages of living in Bangkok is definitely the cost of living. You can snag a comfortable one-bedroom apartment in a decent area for as low as $400-$600 a month, and street food like Pad Thai or Som Tam will set you back only a couple of dollars; eating out is almost just as cheap as cooking at home.

Local markets offer fresh produce and goods at low prices, allowing you to live comfortably without breaking the bank. And transportation, like the train or tuk-tuks, can get you across town for just a few bucks.

2. Digital Nomad-Friendly

coworking space digital nomadcoworking space digital nomad

Bangkok is a haven for digital nomads, thanks to its vibrant coworking scene. Spaces like The Hive Thonglor and Hubba offer not just a desk, but a community, with prices starting at around $100 a month.

Bangkok coworking spaces are great spots to network and find your tribe and often host events and workshops to help you expand your skills and business. What I loved most about all the coworking spots, is that you can find one based on your mood – different venues range from quiet to lively.

3. Tons of Culture

Grand Palace bangkokGrand Palace bangkok

The cultural experiences in Bangkok are endless and all of them offer great ways to learn about the strong local traditions. From exploring the incredible awe of the Grand Palace to getting lost in the…

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