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Visit an Off-The-Beaten-Path Cat Sanctuary in Rome: Largo di Torre Argentina

Amazing view of Largo di Torre Argentina in city of Rome, Italy

Ever since the ruins of a series of Roman temples known as Largo di Torre Argentina were excavated in 1929, residents of Rome have been releasing unwanted cats at the site. For nearly a century, countless former housecats and strays have sunbathed, strutted across the temple ruins like furry royalty, and napped on the Curia of Pompey—which is a former Senate assembly chamber where Roman general Julius Caesar was fatally stabbed by his political rivals in 44 BC.

In 1994—after decades of caring for Rome’s homeless felines—Lia Dequel and Silvia Viviani decided to start a cat sanctuary at Largo di Torre Argentina that specialized in caring for medically vulnerable cats who need extra TLC. For centuries, the streets of Rome have been teeming with stray cats. Dequel and Viviani wanted to create a space where street cats who were blind, deaf, or otherwise impaired could live out their days in dignity and comfort.

The staff of the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary ensures that every cat in their orbit has a name and access to food and medical care. The sanctuary works tirelessly to ensure that every cat in the vicinity is neutered or spayed. The felines of Torre Argentina also have access to an indoor shelter full of cat beds and cat trees where they can take a break from the elements and receive pets and scrumptious treats from volunteers.

Needless to say, the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary is an absolute goldmine when it comes to cat photography. Your Instagram followers will go gaga over photos of gorgeous cats sashaying around the ruins of a Roman temple with the confidence of a deity. Visitors are invited to pet and befriend the resident cats, although the staff is quick to warn that some of the more hardened street cats can be a bit spicy at times.

Largo di Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary

Largo di Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary
Photo by Flickr

The Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary has a website with regularly updated photos of the resident cats with bios that explain a bit about their histories and personalities. If you fall in love with a cat while you’re visiting Torre Argentina, you can adopt the cat from afar by making a regular donation to the sanctuary. The Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary will send you updates about your adopted fur friend and let you know if the cat is lucky enough to find a forever home with an adoring local family.

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