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TravelCon is Back! Come Join Us!

A screenshot of the TravelCon 2024 homepage for the conference in Portland, OR

Posted: 4/8/2024 | April 8th, 2024

TravelCon is back! In 2022, after five years (through a pandemic), I ended TravelCon. However, my friends at FinCon offered to run it (thus reducing my workload) so we brought it back! If you’re media or PR in the travel industry, this is the best industry event for you to attend!

TravelCon is a three-day travel media event that focuses on helping you improve your craft, learn new business skills, network with your peers, and connect you with all the awesome brands and tourism boards that attend!

This year, TravelCon will be May 15-17th in Portland, Oregon and will feature pre- and post-event trips; meet-ups; dinner parties; and in-depth, actionable talks. The goal is to help travel creators go pro by turning their passion into a profession and then scale their online business.

At TravelCon, you can:

  • Improve your craft in the four major areas of travel: video, photography, writing, and blogging
  • Learn what’s hot, what works, and what doesn’t in the industry
  • Keep current on the best practices in digital travel publishing
  • Learn about new products and services in the industry
  • Meet destinations and travel brands
  • Learn from experts outside the travel industry
  • Make connections with other travel lovers
  • Have a ton of fun!!!


What can you expect this year?

TravelCon is the business event for travel creators. The TravelCon sessions this year are going to focus on two things: going pro and scaling.

“Go Pro” sessions will empower part-time creators to go full-time with topics such as:

  • Expanding your reach using advanced SEO, ads, & email marketing.
  • Discovering creator tools and services to streamline your workflow.
  • Diversifying how you monetize your content, including affiliate marketing and collaborations.
  • Building effective partnerships with CVBs, DMOs, travel boards, travel brands, and local agencies.

“Scale” sessions are for full-time creators who are ready to scale their brand, reach, content, and profit, with topics such as:

  • Equipping your brand with the right team members, tools, and services.
  • Diversifying your revenue streams, including product development, courses, or membership communities.
  • Maintaining balance to avoiding burnout as a full-time creator and digital nomad.
  • Leveraging AI & other emerging tech for content creation & business growth.


Networking Opportunities

Connecting brands and creators is at the core of our event. We provide lots of opportunities to “find your people” and do…

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