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15 Breathtaking Natural Wonders Of Australia

Uluru at sunset

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No doubt when your mind conjures up images of Australia, your mind automatically comes to its natural wonders.

Australia has it all when it comes to nature. It has blissful beaches, majestic mountains, spirited rainforests, tropical islands, a vast outback desert and miles of wetlands.

It’s not the cities that I think about when travelling in Australia, but the natural landscapes. I see images of rock formations, or coral reefs, of wine regions and waterfalls.

Australia is not short of natural beauty, and it wasn’t until our 18-month road trip around the country that I fully realized how strikingly beautiful my country is.

I don’t know if there’s an official definition of a “natural wonder” but these are the natural places I found “wondrous” and moved me physically and emotionally.

Natural Wonders of Australia

1. Uluru

If there’s one area that differentiates Australia from other destinations it’s the Outback.

Standing in the heart of the outback is one seriously big sandstone rock. You may have heard of it, it’s pretty famous, and it’s dominated every postcard from Australia for decades.

Formerly known as Ayers Rock, and now goes by its aboriginal name, Uluru, this sacred rock formation to indigenous Australians is believed to be about 700 million years old.

Uluru stands 348 metres above ground and is taller than The Eiffel Tower, and is 2.5 times the height of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

It’s 3.6kms long, 1.9kms wide, with a circumference of 9.4kms.

When you look at it on postcards, you don’t really get a sense of its enormity, but seeing it up close is a whole different experience.

Not only is the size and how it dominates the outback horizon a momentous moment, but witnessing how it changes colour at sunrise and sunset is a truly spectacular sight.

It would be sinful to come to Australia and not make a trip out to see the country’s most famous natural wonder.

2. The Horizontal Falls

Horizontal Falls  gushing between a narrow channel between cliffs

While Uluru is world-renown, The Horizontal Falls is not, and so we wanted to share this hidden gem with our readers because it was a natural site that truly wowed us!

The Horizontal Falls are a natural phenomena, created by two narrow openings between two escarpments, causing the tides to ebb and flow into each other, giving the appearance of horizonal waterfalls.

The tides in this region are some of…

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