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Digital Nomad Guide to Living in Dubrovnik, Croatia

gorgeous dubrovnik city walls seen from a drone view

Mention the word Croatia, and Dubrovnik is probably the first city that springs to mind. I can’t blame you; this is one of my favorite cities in the world. Sure, it’s very busy in the summer months, but living in Dubrovnik is an experience like no other.

As a digital nomad living in Dubrovnik, you’ll find more than enough to fill your time—so much so that you’ll probably need to factor in a few extra days off. Having spent a fair amount of time in this beautiful place, I’m well placed to advise you on the ins and outs of life in one of Croatia’s most beautiful cities.

gorgeous dubrovnik city walls seen from a drone view

About Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is located in the southern Dalmatia region, lapped by the glittering waters of the Adriatic. It’s certainly Croatia’s most famous and busiest city during the summer months, but I also found it charming during the winter.

The only potential downside to the slower (and colder) months is that most things close; however if that doesn’t bother you, you should enjoy the slower pace of life.

It’s a particularly historic city, dating back to around the 7th century, and its most famous spot is the city walls. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you’ll be thrilled to know that there are several filming sites to discover around the city.

For me, life in Dubrovnik is about eating good food, socializing, taking in the beautiful scenery, and exploring the neighboring regions. Sure, it can get busy during the peak summer months, but there’s so much to see and do that it’s easy to escape the crowds for a few days.

Digital Nomad in Dubrovnik: Personal Experience

the city of Dubrovnik with the castle walls and blue sea waterthe city of Dubrovnik with the castle walls and blue sea water

Since Croatia launched its digital nomad visa (more on that later), Dubrovnik has become a hotspot for digital nomads, especially during the summer months. I enjoyed visiting during the autumn months in particular, as I found a great social scene without the major crowds.

As you can imagine, Dubrovnik isn’t the cheapest city thanks to its touristic label, but there are plenty of ways to cut costs. I enjoyed my time in the city and found it really easy to make new friends and meet other people. The internet is fast, there are plenty of great cafes to work from, and overall, I had a fantastic quality of life during my stay.

I found the peak summer months, particularly July and August, a little too populated, and I don’t advise you to attempt to walk the city walls at this time. However, the weather is amazing, there are some great beaches nearby,…

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