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Must-Know Water Safety Precautions for a Stress-Free Holiday


Traveling is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and see the wonders of the world that you may have ever only seen on TV. What’s more, when going on vacation with a child, you can open up their eyes to new experiences and teach them about exciting new cultures, or simply have enough time to finally enjoy their company and bond in ways impossible when they are at school and you at work. However, if you go anywhere with water (and let’s face it, most holidays will involve water of some kind, either in the form of a swimming pool or beach), there are some precautions you need to bear in mind for both yourself and your family, in order to avoid anything that could upend your vacation or indeed your life. 

Don’t Swim Alone Or Unsupervised

No matter how amazing a swimmer you believe yourself to be, a healthy dose of humble pie will go a long way in ensuring that you return from your vacation healthy and happy. This is particularly vital when it comes to children, but we will touch on that point later in the post. In fact, this swimming pool accident attorney based in Denver notes that negligent supervision is among the leading causes of drowning in Denver, and it doesn’t take much extrapolation to extend this to any location where swimming is practiced. But the question remains: what can you do if you are vacationing solo and have no one to keep an eye out for you? The answer lies in the fact that you can always make sure to swim in areas where there are plenty of other people around so that if you do find yourself struggling, you can call out for help, or others may see you and notify the lifeguards or other authorities.

Always Wear A Life Jacket If When In Open Waters

Too many people underestimate the power of open water and how even just a momentary lapse in judgment could cause you to get dragged away, never to be seen again. It doesn’t matter if you fancy yourself an elite swimmer; when you venture out into rivers, seas, lakes, or oceans, you should always make sure to wear a lifejacket or some form of Personal Floatation Device (PFD). If you are concerned that their business will affect your enjoyment, you needn’t worry. Plenty of manufacturers make very innocuous PFDs that hug the body and make it feel as though there is nothing there. However, you will certainly know it’s there when the time comes that you need it to keep your head above the water.

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