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Things to Do in Melbourne

The Princess Theatre and skyscrapers in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is a city with an eclectic charm and lively culture, making it one of the top places to go for any traveler or resident seeking diverse experiences. With countless things to do in Melbourne, this city caters to every taste – whether you are a lover of arts and culture, a nature enthusiast, a sports fanatic, or a foodie. 

Quaint laneways filled with amazing street art; vibrant markets that capture the essence of local life; lush gardens offering respite from urban pace – these are just some of the things that give Melbourne its unique character.

While planning your trip, you’ll find that exploring what there is to do in Melbourne can be compared with unwrapping a living mosaic of experiences. Each neighborhood (like Fitzroy’s arty streets or St Kilda’s scenic waterfronts) has its own flavor and attractions. 

Food, art and outdoor activities woven into the fabric of this city make it a dynamic place to visit all year round. Whether you’re here for sipping some world’s best coffee or catching thrilling matches at MCG – Melbourne will provide a diverse and unforgettable backdrop against which your travel story may unfold.

Delve into Melbourne’s Vibrant Arts and Culture

Princess Theatre

Being among the oldest landmarks in the city, Melbourne’s Grand Princess Theatre has its fair share of superstitious ghost stories. Every opening night, a seat remains vacant in the dress circle for Frederick Baker, a renowned Gilbert & Sullivan opera singer who died there.

He had been performing Mephistopheles in Faust on March 3, 1888 when “Federici” as he was known had a heart attack while descending through the trap door into “Hell.” Creepy coincidence, huh? However, when the rest of the cast came off stage they were stunned to learn that Federici was dead: They had just been standing beside him as they took their final curtain calls.

Since then however, many staff and cast members have claimed to see his well-dressed ghost. A bistro at the Princess Theatre is named after him. It is filled with memorabilia and photographs depicting past events at the theater such as restorations from the last century and famous acts who have performed there; it also contains an enormous wire portrait of Federici made from stainless steel wires whose eyes seem to be following you across the room.

Captain Cook’s Cottage

The historians are not quite sure if Captain Cook…

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