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Traveller sparks debate after flying from New York to London for 24-hour trip

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A traveller has sparked a debate after flying from the US to London for only a 24-hour trip.

On his Instagram, Kevin Droniak frequently shares videos of his solo trips, along with tips to his followers for travelling. In a video shared earlier this week, he documented his trip from New York to London, noting that he’d only be in England for one day.

“If you don’t travel often, you’re going to have a conniption at what I’m doing right now,” he said, as he documented himself going to an airport in New York City. “I’m going to London for just one night. That’s why I’m heading to the airport with just a backpack.”

He explained that he was only going to London for 24 hours because he “found a cheap flight”. As he showed himself walking through the airport, he added: “And you know how I love a quick trip.”

After briefly showcasing the front of his passport, he shared one of the airport worker’s candid reactions to his trip, continuing: “Even the check-in lady was like: ‘Are you seriously flying across the world for one night?’”

He then explained his “logic” behind the situation and why it ultimately made sense for him to fly to a different country for a one-day trip.

“My flight is only six and a half hours, and it’s a red eye,” he said. “And I’m going to be going to sleep anyway tonight. So I might as well go to sleep on a plane and wake up in London.”

The video continued with footage of Droniak on the plane – as he was preparing to go to sleep – before he showcased a view of London from his seat’s window on the flight.

“Good morning London. There is nowhere else I’d rather wake up to,” he said. He went on to share a shot of himself in the city and quipped: “What am I doing here?”

He then described another takeaway that he wanted viewers to get from his trip, as he filmed himself walking through different parts of London, including Tower Bridge.

“I want to break the stigma of having to block out a week to travel somewhere,” he said. “It’s not that serious and you’re going to have fun for a quick trip.”

Droniak ended the video with footage of himself on a double-decker bus, while he concluded: “I’m just enjoying the day.”

He quipped about the quick trip in the caption, writing: “I’m…

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