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Top 15 Hidden Gems in Croatia

Plitvice or Krka?

1). Šibenik, Croatia

Šibenik, founded 1000 years ago, is a historic town on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast. Since it’s a great starting point for exploring the 150 nearby Croatian islands, Šibenik is often referred to as the “Gateway to the Kornati Islands.” Nestled in a sea inlet between the bustling cities of Zadar and Split, Šibenik shares many similarities with Dubrovnik. The oldest seaside town in Croatia is distinguished by its magnificent fortresses, cobblestoned streets, charming squares, stone buildings, and antique churches. The breathtaking views and towering St. Michael’s Fortress were the reason it was chosen as a filming location for Game of Thrones. 

 UNESCO-listed St. James Cathedral is an outstanding example of Renaissance and Gothic architecture. Šibenik, being a coastal town, has a picturesque waterfront (Riva) that is lined with eateries and cafes, making it the ideal place to spend your evenings. Despite its recent surge in popularity, Šibenik remains free of crowds and is still fit to be tagged as one of the hidden gems of Croatia.

How to reach Šibenik?
Driving is the most convenient way of traveling to Sibenik once you’re in the country. Sibenik is only an hour’s drive from popular neighboring locations like Split and Zadar. If you do not have your own transportation, you can take the bus from Split or Zadar to Šibenik.

Plitvice or Krka?
Krka National Park, Croatia

2). Krka National Park, Croatia

Krka National Park is one of Croatia’s most beautiful national parks, yet it is frequently ignored due to the popularity of the Plitvice Lakes. This delightful wonderland has a small Visovac Island, seven stunning waterfalls, fascinating gorges, old ruins, and the jade-green Krka River. Krka is mostly known for the spectacular Skradinski Buk Falls, a group of 17 waterfalls. Water from the Krka and Cikola Rivers flows into 17 travertine stairs, creating deep pools before crashing down to form the gorgeous Skradinski Buk. 

The spectacular grandeur of this waterfall can be experienced on an hour-long loop trek. Explore Roški Slap, the second most popular waterfall in the park, for another remarkable experience. Twelve travertine waterfalls flow here, converging to create a staggering 49-foot plunge. Other prominent attractions in Krka include medieval fortresses and the Serbian Eastern Orthodox Monastery. Keep in mind that it might get rather crowded during the summer months.

How to reach Krka National Park?
The park is located roughly…

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