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Five Beaches Near Miami That Will Make You Want to Stay

Birds Eye View of a Beach in Miami, Florida

Photo by Mylo Kaye

Miami is a city of many personalities, with its skyscraping downtown, hip Wynwood Arts District, and quaint Little Havana cultural enclave. But the city’s biggest attraction is still its unspoiled, glistening beaches, even with all the intriguing architecture and big-city extravagance. You can have fun in Florida and find the beautiful beaches in Miami, but not everyone is aware of which ones are the best. There are numerous beaches in the city, and each one offers guests something unique. Like the city’s distinctive neighborhoods, the best beaches near Miami are equally special.

Top Five Beaches Near Miami That Will Make You Want to Stay

There are very few beaches in Miami that you would not enjoy. Even though each of us has a favorite beach, different events demand different beaches.  Want to relax in the great outdoors? Try a beach on Key Biscayne, perhaps. Would you like to take off your birthday suit? Your destination is Haulover, which is the nudist part. Are you prepared to celebrate? These five beaches near Miami range from sunbathing hotspots to shaded picnic areas.

Discovering Famous South Beach

It’s not easy to think of Miami without having flashes of South Beach in your mind. It is the busiest neighborhood on Miami Beach and is well-known for its nightlife. This famous beach stretches from Miami Beach’s southernmost point to 23rd Street. Turquoise-blue waves brush white sand beaches, and Art Deco hotels surround the shore. 

Sun loungers, beach towels, and umbrellas make up the beach’s bright patchwork. There’s a more laid-back vibe to the north and south of the bustling Ocean Drive, but the most popular beach stretch is from 5th to 15th streets. Playground equipment and picnic tables are ideal for unwinding after a tough day at work or playing at South Pointe Park on Ocean Drive!

North Beach Offers Relaxation, Leisure, And Fun For Families

North Beach is a calm and enjoyable seaside getaway for families with kids, featuring serene beaches, charming Art Deco buildings, and pleasant green areas. It’s also a great place to spend a leisurely afternoon by the shore. It’s a gorgeous beachfront park with lots of shade trees. The North Beach Oceanside Park’s tranquil atmosphere can entice you to stay longer, although most people only stay for two or three hours. You can take your dog with you to North Beach Oceanside Park, which…

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