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How to Make the Most of a Solo Day Trip

A woman in casual travel attire walks down a quaint cobblestone street in a picturesque European town, back view

Travel is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and an utter privilege to be afforded the opportunity to do. Travel is central to a life rich in experience, not to mention an incredible treatment for the various mental ailments with which a great majority of us suffer. While we can’t always take ourselves off for soul-seeking multi-month journeys into the heart of another continent, we don’t need to do so to enjoy the benefits of travel.

Indeed, sometimes the most introspective and instructive trips are the short ones, the last-minute ones born of a spontaneous decision to take the day off and explore somewhere new. Domestic day-trips to a new and exciting place, whether forest bathing with local wildlife or throwing yourself into the urban milieu of a fresh city, can be utterly transformative experiences for the short and long term – but how can you make the most of your journey?

Plan Ahead

The first, and easily the most important, step to making the most of a solo trip out is to plan ahead. Spontaneity is a great thing to cultivate, but can lead to a lacklustre day out if you get complacent. For instance, not knowing the first thing about your chosen destination can sometimes work in your favour, but more often than not results in a listless afternoon spent looking for the first signs of adventure. With this in mind, doing a little advance research about your chosen destination is a great step towards getting the most out of your trip.

Pack Light, Pack Smart

Similarly, some advance thought should be given to packing for your trip. Being that you’re bounding off for just a day, you won’t need to pack much at all – and packing light can also work in your favour for feeling a little freer as you travel. A spare battery pack for your phone is a good call, as well as your daily essentials and maybe a roll-up waterproof for unexpected bad weather.

Embrace Technology

Your phone is an extremely powerful tool for improving your day trip experience, above and beyond the basics like buying tickets for public transport. Having immediate access to up-to-date local maps is a game-changer for making your way around alone, and community forums can be a great last-minute repository for activity ideas too.

Stay Safe

Safety is a key consideration for your travels, and especially so if you’re driving yourself to and from your chosen day trip destination. Your car needs to be up…

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