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From 4×4 safaris to clear kayaking and lashings of cricket, discover adventure made easy in Barbados

With clear, warm waters and wrecks aplenty, Barbados is a diver’s paradise

If you’ve always considered Barbados more of a fly and flop destination – and why wouldn’t you, thanks to its 60 miles of coast, boasting over 80 glorious stretches of shoreline – you might be surprised to discover this beautiful island can also provide much more in the way of enjoyment than simply soaking up the sunshine. Immerse yourself in its welcoming landscapes with fascinating walking tours through gullies, forests and remote bays, or cruise along roads with coastal views exposing the island’s hidden secrets. You can even saddle up for a horse-ride along the beach, or go waterskiing. Whatever your vibe, take advantage of Barbados’ incredible nature and scenery, and throw yourself into an adventure unlike any other…

Water wonders

With clear, warm waters and wrecks aplenty, Barbados is a diver’s paradise (Visit Barbados)

Get ready for a sea bath – a wealth of ocean activities await in Barbados, intent on luring you into the island’s sparkling, turquoise waters. Head to Surfer’s Point on the south coast to hire a clear, glass-bottomed kayak, perfect for spotting the colourful marine life darting through the depths while you navigate the calm sea, fanned by a warm, tropical breeze. Get a little closer to the action with a snorkelling session; you don’t need to stray too far from shore to see a stunning range of sea creatures and exotic tropical fish which call the coral reefs their home.

Don’t miss the opportunity to swim with sea turtles; many local catamaran cruises offer this experience, particularly in Carlisle Bay. You could be bobbing alongside a majestic hawksbill or green leatherback turtle, and might even get the chance to feed them. Dive even deeper with a scuba trip; the combination of excellent visibility and warm waters means you can see some of the vast variety of shipwrecks here, which have evolved over decades to create beautiful, artificial reefs. The Pamir, Friars Crag, and the Stavronikita should be at the top of your diving priority list.

If you haven’t got your PADI, you can still marvel at the treasures at the bottom of the ocean with a trip down to the depths in an Atlantis submarine. Back on the surface, why not try your hand at windsurfing, kitesurfing, or boogie-boarding? Barbados is known as one of the best surfing destinations in the world, with the trade winds boosting the swell from November to June.

Alternatively, for a new challenge, why not try your hand at wing foiling? Also called wing…

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