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9 Reasons to Stay at Embrace Resort, Staniel Cay (Bahamas)

Plane flying over islands

Sponsored by Embrace Resort, Staniel Cay

How can you beat a Bahama Island resort experience that begins with a stunning scenic flight over the Exuma Cays and an airport transfer in a golf cart? Needless to say, our getaway to Staniel Cay was off to a flying start (pun intended).

View flying to Staniel Cay

Staniel Cay was everything a tropical Caribbean vacation should be. No development. No frantic pace. Hardly any cars. I felt the tension unwinding as each minute ticked down. For the four days we spent in the Exumas, the rest of the world did not exist.

Mother and daughter standing in waist deep water at a beautiful beach in The Bahamas
Happy to be in beautiful Staniel Cay!

Our home away from home was Embrace Resort, Staniel Cay’s first Bahamian-owned hotel, from the first female entrepreneurs in its 100-year history!

Our days were spent swimming with pigs and sharks, sunning with iguanas, and witnessing some of the most beautiful beaches and sunsets we’ve seen in the world.

Resort with pool, palm trees and villas
Embrace Resort – our home away from home on Staniel Cay!

In this guide, we’ll reveal to you everything you need to know about staying at the Embrace Resort as well as all the reasons why we loved it.

Before we share more about the resort and Flyin’ Pig Cafe, let me first tell you exactly where in the world Staniel Cay is!

Where are Staniel Cay and The Exuma Islands?

Lady standing at the edge of a beach with rocks in the foreground
Pipe Creek Sandbar, Exuma Islands

The Exuma Cays are an oasis of 365 remote islands stretching across the Tropic of Cancer in the southern half of The Bahamas.

They are located about 250-miles southeast of Florida and 75-miles south of Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas. The Bahama Islands are actually in the Atlantic Ocean, not the Caribbean Sea, but the country is part of CARICOM, the Caribbean Community.

The Exumas are known for being more remote and exotic than the northern islands of the Bahamas, and so you can often find celebrities hiding out here in their super yachts and private islands.

Two kids standing in waist deep water at a beach
Pirate Beach, Staniel Cay

Staniel Cay is one of the larger islands and is located at the heart of the Exuma Cays. As it has one of the only landing airport strips it has become the gateway to the Exuma archipelago.

Many tourists come in and out each day for a swimming with pigs’ tour from Nassau, and this small island community is home to around 100 residents.

The Embrace Resort is located near to the amazing Thunderball Grotto and Pig Beach.

About Embrace Resort in Staniel Cay

Man's feet on a sun bed in front of a pool

Embrace Resort was opened in 2014 by a local Bahamian woman, Nicole (Nikki) who has been working in the tourism…

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