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20 Fun & Best Things To Do In Tromso, Norway

20 Fun & Best Things To Do In Tromso, Norway

Located 217 miles above the Arctic circle in northern Norway, Tromsø is a nature lover’s paradise. Not only is it one of Norway’s largest cities, but it’s the third-largest city above the Arctic circle and chock-full of outdoor adventures. I recently had the opportunity to visit this polar paradise, and I’ve got all the best insider scoop regarding things to do in Tromsø.

Since Tromsø is located so far above the Arctic circle, what time of year you visit Tromsø can drastically affect your experience. If you’re planning on visiting Tromso in winter, be prepared for the polar night. Polar night in Tromsø occurs from November 27 until January 15, and during that time the sun never rises above the horizon, which means you won’t be seeing much daylight if any at all.

I arrived in Tromsø on day one of polar night, and it was a surreal experience. Just because the city only experiences an hour or two of sunlight doesn’t mean everything shuts down, though! You’ll still have plenty of opportunities to explore both the unspoiled wilderness and the downtown Tromsø scene. Plus, you’ll have an even better opportunity to see the amazing northern lights, one of the main reasons to visit Tromsø.

On the flip side, if you visit Tromsø during the summer, you’ll experience the Midnight Sun, when the sun never sets! This naturally occurring phenomenon only occurs in areas that are north of the Arctic circle (or south of the Antarctic circle) and gives you nothing but pure daylight to explore endless outdoor activities. You can expect the midnight sun in Tromsø from the end of May until the end of July.

All of that being said, keep that in mind as you’re scrolling through this list. While all of these adventures are epic, they’re not all offered year-round, so my advice to you is to determine what activities are important to you and that will help shape what time of year you should visit Tromsø. Regardless of what time of year you visit, there are plenty of things to do in Tromsø to ensure you have an awesomely Arctic experience.

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  • Most significant landmark – The Arctic Cathedral
  • Best park – Folkeparken
  • Best free activity – Watching the northern lights
  • Best activity for kids – Polaria
  • Best activity for adults – Whale watching
  • Best food – Yonas Pizzeria
  • Best nightlife – Magic Ice Bar
  • Best all-around…

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