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Best Things To Do In Salem, Massachusetts

There are so many beautiful places to see in Massachusetts. It’s one of those US states that have a little bit of everything; even if it’s much smaller than some of its siblings! Though, size isn’t everything – the relatively small city of Salem is a testament to this. Trust me, there are so many historic and best things to do in Salem that you’ll end up being spoilt for choice. 

Best of all, Salem is relatively close to the gorgeous city of Boston, too. Salem is only around 35 minutes from the centre of Boston by car, and around 30 minutes by train (on the Newbury/Rockport line). 

This all makes Salem an incredible city to visit when exploring Massachusetts; especially if you’re interested in the city’s infamous history and the Salem Witch Trials, dating way back to 1692.  

Anyway, without rambling any more, take a look at some of the very best things to do in Salem when you visit. It’s an amazing spot for a day trip. Have fun exploring.

1.) Peabody Essex Museum

Best Things To Do In Salem, Massachusetts

Interested in art? Then you’ll want to head over to the Peabody Essex Museum. Nestled right in Salem, it houses collections of American decorative art and contemporary art from Japan, China, North America, Korea, India and the Pacific Islands. It’s incredible to visit and has heaps of history that are not just interesting to history buffs.

One of the most notable pieces in this place is the ancestral home of the Huang family which is two centuries old. It was brought and reassembled in the museum and is so incredible to see. 

Best of all, the historic houses in the complex of Peabody are also open to the public, so if you want to learn more about different cultures or know about history in general, this is one of the perfect places for you.

Just remember it closes on Tuesday and Wednesday, so plan around these days. 

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2.) The Salem Witch Museum

Best Things To Do In Salem, Massachusetts Museum Witch

Dedicated solely to the Salem Witch Trials, the Salem Witch Museum is one spot you have to visit when in the city. Although it’s a little quirky and kitsch, that’s what makes it totally special in my eyes.

Best Things To Do In Salem, Massachusetts Salem Witch Museum

Just don’t be expecting the Smithsonian and you’ll have a great time. Visits will take around 30 minutes and totally easy to arrange on the day of your visit to Salem. 

Best Things To Do In Salem, Massachusetts Town Hall

Afterwards, take a ramble around the city centre of Salem and spot the Town Hall and many other historic buildings that have stood for…

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