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17 Fantastic & Quiet Weekend Getaways From NYC

charming home with flowering gardens in Bucks County

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When you think of New York City, your mind conjures up images of honking yellow taxis, bright flashing lights of Times Square, people bustling on its wide streets and crowded subways full of worker bees living that office hustle-life.

As a tourist, it can be exciting to see the city that never sleeps, but as residents or visitors who have spent a while in the city, you might be thinking it’s time for a weekend getaway from NYC.

Bucks County

A weekend getaway, in my opinion, should be about escaping the noise of the city. As much as I love living in NY, I feel like it’s important for my sanity to escape once in a while.

In this guide, I’ve listed some of my favorite quiet weekend getaways from New York City so you can find a tranquil escape to reset.

Weekend Getaways From NYC

Although there are a ton of cool cities that make easy weekend getaways from NYC – namely Boston, New Jersey, Philadelphia and Washington DC , I’m often craving something that’s a far cry from the buzzy bars, world-class museums and hectic streets that I can find in NYC.

In this list of weekend fun getaways from NYC, you’ll find places that are a little bit calmer and offer a refreshing break from the noise of the city.

Think small towns, lake houses, one-lane highways, farmers markets that are a stone’s throw from the actual farm. And the amazing thing is, there are actually a ton of options within a three-hour drive of Manhattan (as long as you don’t leave at 5pm on a Friday).

The only downside is that I end up asking myself why I’m paying so much to live in the city when I could have so much more outside of it!

1. The Berkshires

reflection of clouds in water

The Berkshires is my #1 choice for a weekend away from New York City. Located on the borders of Western Massachusetts and New York State, it’s only a two-hour drive away from the city—and it rarely has traffic.

The Berkshires is a pretty general term that covers a mountainous region dotted with villages, lakes and waterfalls. There are spots to hike the Appalachian Trail, (public and private) golf courses, boats to rent and row, plenty of little art galleries and places to go antiquing.

In short, a variety of activities to suit every interest – although my favorite thing to do is sit with a good book in a backyard, soak up the exquisite silence and watch the sun set.

If you have a group,…

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