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11 best places to take your parents and grandparents on holiday

A smiling white old man with grey hair wearing all white cycles along a golden beach in Miami, US

There’s a pivotal moment in life when you make the decision to take your parents or grandparents on holiday for the first time. It’s your chance to take the driving seat and plan a perfect trip for the people who first set you on the path to becoming a traveler – think of it as thank you in holiday form.

But it has to be done right. Sure, you want a trip that shows off your love of travel and your world-class knowledge of the globe, but the destination has to work for everyone – a trekking holiday in the Alps might work for you and the kids, but will it work for mom, dad, and grandad?

Going long-haul with the next generation can be particularly challenging – air travel loses some of its sheen with advancing years, and the cost of travel insurance soars. If anyone in the group has limited mobility, consider the ease of getting around – at street level, as well as by public transport – and the general levels of convenience and comfort in your chosen destination.

The ideal multigenerational trip will involve less zipping around to see the sights and a more gentle appreciation of the destination. Consider hiring a car instead of relying on public transport and pause for several days whenever you stop to make the most of your time together. To get you on the move, here are some of our favorite destinations for multigenerational travel.

Florida can cater to all ages and abilities © Colin Anderson Productions pty ltd / Getty Images

1. Florida, USA

It’s almost a cliché that Florida is a haven for seniors, but with warm year-round weather and impressive infrastructure for seniors and people with limited mobility, this is one of the easiest destinations for different generations to travel together. With kids in tow as well as grandparents, combine theme park days or a trip to Cape Canaveral with urban beaches and walkable hubs such as the Miami shorefront and Key West.

With just older travelers in your party, consider lower-key seaside resorts such as Clearwater Beach, bird-thronged Marco Island, and Cocoa Beach. There are museums and golf courses aplenty but come outside of the summer peak to avoid crowds and uncomfortable temperatures.

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2. Utah, USA

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