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The Best 3 Day London Itinerary For 2023!

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Firstly, if you only have three days to spend in London, then I am sorry! I really wish you had more, but I understand, which is why I’ve written this 3-day London Itinerary to help you maximize your time.

London is one of the most diverse and experience-rich cities in the world. I lived there for two and half years and have visited as a tourist multiple times; and there is still so much I haven’t done.

The Shard and River Thames

London is an easy city to travel to. Since there are so many free attractions and things to do, it makes for the ideal city destination.

But if you’re short on time, the best way to maximize your visit is by following this London itinerary for 3 days, which has been designed to incorporate some of London’s most iconic attractions and best experiences – with a little touch of local flavors and neighborhoods.

This is similar to what we did on our first three days in London on our 10-day family trip last year.

How to use this 3 Day London Itinerary

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London is a huge city, and since you only have 3 days, I created this itinerary to reduce the amount of time getting around. Who wants to waste time on public transport?

Fortunately, there is no need, as London is so easy to get around. Just walking from Point A to B is a valuable memory making experience and is where you’ll connect so much to the London lifestyle.

But if you don’t plan properly, you could be spending far too much time zig zagging across the city when you don’t need to.

Each day’s activities will be focused on one area of London, so you can spend more time exploring and less time on the Tube. 

Adapt this as you see fit, according to budget, interests, time of arrival, and your hotel location.

I’ve put approximate timing based on what we did – with any adaptations for mistakes made. (We make the mistakes so you can avoid them.)

Don't miss fish & chips in a London Pub
Don’t miss fish & chips in a London Pub

I’ll also recommend places to eat, and coffee stops, and some hidden gems. I realize how personal those choices can be so you may want to substitute your own in. 

Just make sure you find something close to the attractions to reduce your travel time. Good news, in London there’s a pub and a pastry shop on every corner.

We also ate breakfast at our hotel each morning as it was provided with our room. Buffet English breakfast at your hotel…

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