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Passengers perform traditional Irish music on flight

Passengers perform traditional Irish music on flight

Aer Lingus passengers were treated to an impromptu performance of traditional Irish music on a recent flight from Ireland.

The spontaneous live session occurred on a flight from Dublin to New York’s JFK airport on 11 March.

Traveller Adam Singer was onboard the flight and tweeted a video of the music being played.

The video shows three passengers playing a pipe, accordian and violin in harmony as others on the plane gather round to watch.

The post contains the caption: “I mean, I understand it’s done from a good place, but also feel like you don’t play music (or much worse, sing) in an enclosed space there’s no escape from.”

Several people in the video appear to be enjoying the show, however, as they smile and nod along with the music.

People were quick to comment underneath the video, which has now garnered nearly 439,000 views.

Many agreed that the musical interlude might not be to everyone’s taste during the limited confines of an aircraft.

“Especially violins,” one user wrote, to which the original poster replied: “Imagine if you were hungover or sick or something.”

“This would be a nightmare for me,” another person added, with someone else contributing: “Not because they’re bad but, as you say, there’s no escape.”

“Imagine you finally got into a comfortable position and about to fall asleep and then…”, someone tweeted.

However, others were more positive about the ad-lib musical moment.

“So beautiful. That’s what humanity is all about if you ask me,” a user said.

“Lol. You don’t know the Irish. That’s some good craic,” another Twitter poster wrote.

“This fulfills every fantasy I have about travelling to Ireland,” someone else agreed.

Finally, in keeping with the traditional Irish theme, a social media user suggested: “Am ok if there’s free Guinness flowing.”

The Independent has contacted Aer Lingus for comment.

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