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How To Buy Galleria Dell’Accademia Tickets (Even When It’s Sold Out) — ALONG DUSTY ROADS

How To Buy Galleria Dell'Accademia Tickets (Even When It's Sold Out) — ALONG DUSTY ROADS

Where To Buy Official Galleria dell’Academia Tickets

To see Michelangelo’s David, you need to visit Florence’s Galleria dell’Accademia (Academy Gallery).

A lot of people assume that David will be found in the larger, more famous Uffizi Gallery in the city centre, but the Galleria was chosen when the statue was moved from Palazzo della Signoria, the town hall of Florence, in 1873.

The Galleria dell’Accademia di Firenze is located on 58/60 Via Ricasoli on the north bank – find it here on Google Maps.

It’s a small-ish building and relatively easy miss if there weren’t long queues and the unfortunate scribbles of graffiti on the wall. It’s a bit of a walk to it from the river or other popular sites in the centre; we recommend you factor in 15-minutes for it so you don’t miss your time slot.

You can find the official website of La Galleria dell’Accademia di Firenze here. It has lots of visitor information, a map of the gallery, concession ticket information, and details on exhibits (note that there’s a very high-ranking website which many people mistake for the official Galleria dell’Accademia website, but it’s NOT legit).

The official website does not however sell tickets directly, but instead links out to its website partner called B-Ticket.

This government-owned booking platform lists nearly all the museums in Florence, so you have to first select English, select your date, scroll down to Galleria dell’Accademia, select tickets, then choose from the available 15-minute time slots.

It is very common however for these tickets to be completely sold out, especially if you’re planning for a last-minute purchase. For example, writing this on a Friday afternoon in the middle May, the first available Galleria dell’Accademia ticket available via that platform is for the 23rd of JUNE!

That’s four weeks away, so you can only imagine what availability is like in peak summer.

The platform is frustrating in that it doesn’t allow you to just scroll to the following day(s) to see availability; instead you have to go back to the first page, insert the new date, and repeat the above process. One hack we found to make the process slightly easier though is to filter the museum results down to the specific Galleria dell’Accademia ticket page – we’ve done that here for you.

It’s also annoying that you have to register in order to purchase tickets, as well as pay a €4 booking fee – note that this applies even if you’re only buying free/concession…

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