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Can You Put a Dog Door in an RV

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One thing I consistently come across on RV forums is the concept of installing an RV doggie door. Mostly, it’s RV owners who want to know how to add a doggie door out of an entry door—not a task that anyone should take lightly. After all, an RV exterior is far different from a residential entry door. 

It’s completely natural to have some reservations about cutting through fiberglass or aluminum siding (the two most common sidings on RV exteriors). Some RVs have an inner storm door or screen door, which may be (or may not be) a little more suitable for the task. 

Some RV owners simply use their real utility door, which is typically used for storage but can be slightly modified for pet use. Of course, the problem with the utility door is that it’s may not big enough to accommodate larger dogs when the lower bunk is being used. 

Can You Put a Dog Door in an RV?

You can put a dog door in an RV, but it’s a more delicate job than installing a doggie door at your house. There are a few reasons for that. Here are some points to consider.

It’s not always the best idea to cut a hole in your door, depending on the size of your pet. With that being said, there needs to be a platform on the other side. Your four-legged friend is in for a not-so-fun surprise when he/she steps through the doggie door for the first time and finds nothing but air and a free fall to the first step. 

There’s always the screen door option, assuming you have one and, assuming it’s rigid and sturdy enough to support a doggie door. So, while the answer is yes, there are some caveats that come with it (aren’t there always?).

Some experience in metalwork is always a plus but isn’t entirely necessary. Most doggie doors come with fairly specific instructions, along with a list of the tools you need to get the job done. 

Is There an RV Door with a Dog Door?

You won’t find an RV door with a dog door installed on a travel trailer or motorhome. One of the most important reasons is that your pet could slip by you and run through the RV doggie door at the most inopportune time. The last thing anyone wants (especially campgrounds) is a loose pet running around off-leash.

Most states have leash laws, so it would be…

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