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Kenya Airways Asante Rewards Offering Status Match

Kenya Airways Asante Rewards Offering Status Match

Kenya Airways Asante Rewards is reportedly offering an unpublished status match, which can be an easy way to enjoy some extra perks on SkyTeam flights for the next year.

Since the status match isn’t a published promotion, the details are relatively opaque. However, as with any status matching opportunity, it’s best to take advantage of what’s available, since you never know when it may come in handy.

Kenya Airways Asante Rewards Offering Status Match

Kenya Airways launched its own loyalty program, known as Asante Rewards, in June 2023. Before this, Kenya Airways was a member of the Air France/KLM Flying Blue loyalty program.

At the outset, Kenya Airways only offered a status match opportunity for Air France/KLM Flying Blue members; however, there are reports of another status match opportunity being available to elite members of many other airlines.

If you already hold status with any airline, it’d be in your interest to pursue this status match opportunity, or to at least give it a shot.

To take advantage of the status match, you must complete the following:

  • Sign up for an Asante Rewards account, and select “Full Registration”
  • Send an email to, along with your Asante Rewards number, a screenshot of your current status, and a blurb stating that you’d like to request a status match (and maybe a compelling reason why)
  • Keep an eye on your email inbox for a response, which is reported to happen quite quickly

If confirmed, your new status should be valid for 12 months following the date of issuance. 

It’s important to note that there aren’t any published guidelines for this status match, and it’s not entirely clear which status will match to which Kenya Airways Asante Rewards status tier.

However, since there are essentially only three Kenya Airways status levels above the free tier, you can expect base-level, mid-tier, and top-tier statuses from other airlines to roughly line up. 

Moreover, since this is an unpublished status match, there’s no indication of when this window of opportunity may close. If you stand to‌ gain from it, it’s best to request a match sooner rather than later.

Several Prince of Travel staff members have submitted a status match request, and we’ll update this post as any updates become available.

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