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How to Maximize Air Canada eUpgrades for Americans

How to Maximize Air Canada eUpgrades for Americans

One of the key benefits of the Chase Aeroplan Card is easy access to Aeroplan Elite Status. New cardholders are granted the lowest tier of status, Aeroplan 25K, which is valid through to the end of the year after opening an account.

One of the benefits with Aeroplan 25K status is having access to eUpgrades, which can be used to upgrade from a lower to a higher class of service on flights operated by Air Canada.

This article looks at eUpgrades from an American perspective, including a brief overview of eUpgrades, how to earn them, and how to best redeem them.

What Are Air Canada eUpgrades?

eUpgrades are credits given to those with Air Canada’s Aeroplan Elite Status. These credits can be used to upgrade from a lower class of service (e.g., economy class) to a higher class of service (e.g., premium economy or business class).

eUpgrades may be used on both cash and Aeroplan reward bookings.

The number of eUpgrades required for a booking depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • the region to which you’re travelling
  • the distance of the flight(s)
  • the booking class (which fare you purchased)
  • whether you booked with cash or points

In addition to the above, you’re also subject to the eUpgrade clearance window, which determines how far in advance you can instantly confirm an eUpgrade. This depends on:

  • your Aeroplan Elite Status level
  • your destination
  • the fare you are booked in

Generally speaking, higher fares require fewer eUpgrades, and lower fares require more eUpgrades. Lower fares may have an additional co-pay amount, too, which is a cash add-on fee that you must pay.

While understanding the many complexities of eUpgrades can take a long time, one of the best ways to maximize them is by adopting the “Latitude Attitude”

Economy (Latitude) fares are the highest fare option in economy class on both cash and Aeroplan bookings. Of particular interest to using eUpgrades, Economy (Latitude) and Premium Economy (Flexible) fares aren’t subject to an eUpgrade clearance window. 

This means that as long as there is eUpgrade availability available, and as long as you have eUpgrades that are valid on the date of travel, you can instantly confirm a seat in a higher class of service by using eUpgrades.

To find out if your flight has eUpgrade space available, do an Aeroplan search for flights as you normally would. On the results page, click on “Display options”, select…

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