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Holidaymakers set for September break as warmer weather set to arrive

Holidaymakers set for September break as warmer weather set to arrive

One in four British holidaymakers are eyeing up a September break as warmer Mediterranean weather extends the traditional holiday season.

Destinations free from playing kids, families hogging the sunbeds and children’s entertainment are also sparking a rush for September holidays.

As the kids go back to school, searches for adult trips in September are 1,170 per cent higher than family holidays, according to data from, which also commissioned the research.

The poll of 1,000 ‘DINKs’ (adults with a Dual Income and No Kids) found other reasons childfree adults like holidaying in autumn include the cost savings. As well as fewer children at the hotel and having more of a romantic atmosphere.

Additional data from the hotel booking website showed top destinations for a term time trip during the autumn months include staycation hotspots London, Edinburgh and York.

Further afield, childfree adults are searching for breaks in Paris, New York and Barcelona.

A spokesperson for said: “The research found that 40 per cent of DINKs regularly spend their hard-earned disposable income on travel.

“So, it’s not surprising to see so many childfree adults choosing to travel and find their perfect somewhere once everyone else’s kids are back in school.

“Not only can travelling during summer holidays cost more, you also have to put up with children on your trip, which not every adult wants to do.

“And of course, some people prefer the slightly cooler weather in September.”

Other reasons DINKs are heading away in September include not having to navigate around highchairs in the hotel restaurants (15 per cent).

While 28 per cent like not having to be quiet after a certain time or risk noise complaints from parents trying to get to sleep once the kids are down.

Nearly half (49 per cent) of the DINKs polled said the idea of looking after a kid on their holidays actively puts them off the idea of having children.

And 41 per cent think there should be more hotels and holiday destinations that are for adults only.

Aside from complaints about children, 27 per cent of those polled simply prefer the slightly cooler weather of holidaying in autumn.

Around a fifth (21 per cent) like the scenery better at that time of year, and the same amount believe going away then shortens the span between summer and Christmas.

Only one in 10, however,…

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