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Cafe Deco Group Unveils New Culinary Delights at AIRSIDE in Kai Tak, Kowloon East

nana's green tea Hong Kong

Introducing Renowned Japanese Brands nana’s green tea, Uogashi Nihonichi, and Kyoto Katsugyu Alongside its Latest Ventures – AIRSIDE Cafe and AIRSIDE Pâtisserie

Hong Kong hospitality pioneer Cafe Deco Group presents a host of dynamic dining experiences at the AIRSIDE mall in Kai Tak as it opens in mid-September 2023, including celebrated names debuting from Japan as well as the launch of a spacious contemporary European restaurant and its sister boutique cakery.

In total, gourmands can relish 4 exciting new brands – the landmark AIRSIDE Cafe together with AIRSIDE Pâtisserie; modern Japanese teahouse nana’s green tea; and trendy standing sushi bar Uogashi Nihonichi – as well as a third Hong Kong outlet of Japan’s beloved fried steak cutlet specialist Kyoto Katsugyu.

Bolstered by this diverse array of enticing eateries from one of the city’s most respected hospitality groups, AIRSIDE is set to become an immediate and vibrant destination for all-day grazing, sipping and sweet sensations.

nana’s green tea – Matcha magic from Japan’s premier teahouse

Epitomising the Japanese new wave of contemporary tearooms and cafes, nana’s green tea makes its Hong Kong debut after sweeping its homeland with 76 outlets since launching in Tokyo in 2006, then landing in North America, Taiwan, and Singapore.

nana’s green tea Hong Kong

Hailed as the country’s leading Japanese cafe brand, its success stems from vitamin- and antioxidant-rich matcha green tea powder that infuses delightful drinks and sweets as well as selected items on a deliciously comforting food menu of Japanese staples like donburi, udon and salads.

Bowing to the centuries-honoured tea ceremony spirit of omotenashi (hospitality and mindfulness), it vows to regale guests with exceptional service and premium, healthy offerings. Their headlining matcha – christened ‘Japanese espresso’ – is sourced from historic Kyoto tea studio Yamamasa Koyamaen, dating back to the early Edo period, to ensure genuine flavour, and is joined on a fascinating tea menu of hot and cold sips by the superior green brews of hojicha and genmaicha.

nana's green tea HK
nana’s green tea HK

Sun-dried agar from Kozushima island is a fragrant, wholesome substitute for sugar, and rice is organic, grown in partnership with Japanese farmers. Their famed desserts include luscious soft-serve concoctions, handmade matcha pudding, hojicha jelly and creations starring Hokkaido’s distinctive red beans. Among the…

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