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La Cuevona: Drive Through a Natural Cave in Spain

Through this cave is the only access to the village of Cuevas del Agua, Asturias.Spain.

Through this cave is the only access to the village of Cuevas del Agua, Asturias, Spain
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Visiting the quaint town of Cuevas del Agua demands dedication. Travelers are beckoned by a narrow road that intricately winds its way through a vast natural cave. Known as La Cuevona, this cave witnesses not just the passage of vehicles but also awestruck pedestrians, who walk alongside, captivated by the impressive rock formations.

What sets La Cuevona apart is its authenticity. The only man-made element within is the road that stretches through its expanse. Sculpted by nature over thousands of years, the villagers had long utilized La Cuevona as a pedestrian pathway. As the vicinity around Cuevas del Agua developed, it was eventually deemed necessary to pave a road, extending the entire length of La Cuevona.

Navigating through La Cuevona demands keen night vision and an ability to juggle the marvel of the cave with the challenges of the winding road. For those less inclined to test their driving mettle, a parking area lies conveniently just outside the cave’s entrance, offering an alternative to experience both the cave and the town of Cuevas del Agua on foot.

For adrenaline seekers eager to demonstrate their driving prowess, La Cuevona promises an unparalleled experience. However, caution is paramount. Motorists are advised to maintain reduced speeds to prevent mishaps, whether that be with pedestrians or the meandering road itself.

Within, La Cuevona boasts stalactites, stalagmites, and numerous other arresting rock formations. Cave aficionados would do well to leave their vehicles behind and immerse themselves in the grandeur of La Cuevona on foot. Despite the contemporary hum of traffic, the cave retains its unspoiled allure. The intricately designed walls of La Cuevona are so captivating that it becomes second nature to ignore the passing cars and lose oneself in the cave’s sublime beauty.

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