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Hotel Upgrades Worth The Money

Hotel Upgrades Worth The Money

Budget-conscious travelers are typically looking to spend as little as they can on accommodations. Hotels especially can run up the tab for a vacation.

But sometimes your travel situation calls for certain hotel room upgrades or additional amenities. And if you can make room in your budget, these splurges can majorly enhance the experience.

We asked experts in the travel space to share the hotel upgrades and add-ons they believe are worth the extra money.

A Room With A View

“There’s nothing that elevates a stay quite like some breathtaking views,” said travel blogger Sean Lau. “An upgrade to a room with a vista — whether it’s the city skyline, rolling hills or a tranquil ocean, is always worth the extra cost. Bonus points if the room has a balcony or terrace where you can relax, dine, or simply breathe in the local atmosphere while you enjoy the stunning views.”

Although it’s hard to quantify, there’s something special about a scenic ocean, city or mountain view that can enhance the mood of a trip.

“To me, accommodations aren’t just a place to sleep — they’re a place to relax and reset your mind, especially after a long day of exploring or working,” said Gabby Beckford, a travel expert and founder of Packs Light. “Having a picturesque view to take in helps me enjoy the room I am staying in.”

Of course, this isn’t necessarily the move for everyone, especially if you aren’t planning to spend much time in your room at all.

“If your hotel has a rooftop terrace or bar, skip the view upgrade,” advised Jessica van Dop DeJesus, founder and editor at The Dining Traveler.

Additional Space For Kids

“If the price is reasonable, I like to upgrade to a larger room if I’m traveling with my family, so we can have a bit more space,” van Dop DeJesus said.

You might even find that upgrading to a larger room or suite with additional square footage is preferable to two conjoining rooms.

“If you’re traveling with kids, more space be a huge benefit,” said Laura Motta, digital editorial director at Lonely Planet. “It really depends on your needs as a traveler.”

Spa Amenities

“If you aren’t spending too much time in your room, consider splurging on amenities if offered,” said Katy Nastro, spokesperson for the flight alert service Going. “Hotel spas, most of the time, offer day passes with services, so you can take advantage of hot and cold pools, chaise longues and refreshments, which really make you feel pampered long after…

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