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4 Simple Campervan Kitchen Ideas for Van Life In 2024

4 Simple Campervan Kitchen Ideas for Van Life In 2024

Looking for the best campervan kitchen ideas for your van build? Here are the 4 best options out there for any van kitchen!

Unlike the decision as to whether to include a shower option or toilet in your van build, it’s pretty standard that you’re going to have a camper van kitchen regardless of your overall design.

Even if you prefer to eat most of your meals out at a restaurant, there are going to be plenty of times when you need to make a meal at “home.” Plus there are all the snacks and other delicious things to eat (can you say ice cream!) that will need a home inside your van kitchen as well.

But how much floor space you want to commit to your kitchen system is an entirely different issue. And like many of the decisions you already have to make with your van build, how much space you commit, which appliances you include and where you place your camper van kitchen are entirely up to you.

Remember, not only do you need to account for the main kitchen appliances such as a fridge/freezer, stove and sink and faucet, but also you’ll have to include room for cooking accessories, kitchen utensils and pantry storage. Plus don’t forget about having enough countertop space for food prep, dishes and whatever else you’ll likely use counter space for!

If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, don’t! While bringing the entire kitchen design into van build can seem difficult, we’ve found there are really only a handful of different camper van kitchen ideas and layouts out there.

In this post, we’ll walk you through the key decisions you need to make about how much priority to give your kitchen layout and share some of the pros and cons of the different layouts that different people in van life prefer.

We’ll also make sure you don’t forget about great kitchen essentials such as an Instant Pot, cutting board and fruit hammock that seems to be prevalent in most van-life kitchens.

We have a goal to build the ultimate van for van life! As a result, we’ve met, interviewed and toured hundreds of van owners and vans as we’ve searched for the absolute best way to build the ultimate van for van life! You can trust us to share the absolute best and most helpful information that we’ve learned as you pursue your own #VanLife!

Campervan Kitchen Ideas – The Layout

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