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The 5 Best Camper Van Roof Vents for Any Van Conversion in 2024

The 5 Best Camper Van Roof Vents for Any Van Conversion in 2024

Looking for the best camper van roof vents for your conversion? These are our top 5 picks of all of the campervan roof vents on the market. 

While there are many campervan essentials that you should consider adding to your van build or upgrade, one that is often overlooked is arguably one of the most important – particularly if you enjoy traveling to warmer climates.

A campervan roof vent fan will not only help with air circulation, but also it will assist you in maintaining interior temperature control and keep stale air from accumulating inside the van.

Although we have rarely run our air conditioning units, there are very few days that go by when we don’t use our roof vent fans. When it is warm, we like to pull fresh air inside the camper van to circulate air throughout the living space. And even when it is cool, we may still turn our roof vent fan on to keep stale air from building up.

In fact, we can’t see many scenarios when you are living in a van where a van owner would opt to skip adding a roof vent fan to their campervan setup.

Sure, it may cause you to reconsider the placement of your solar panels on your roof. And you’ll definitely want to ensure that you install it properly and add a rain shield to keep the rain outside the van.

But in all of the camper vans that we have seen on the road in all of the years that we have been traveling, we can say that vans without roof vent fans are very few and far between. The only question was which RV roof vent fan was the best and how many did each van owner have to keep air moving inside the van?

Of course, there is no wrong or right answer. But we definitely have our favorite, a model that we have installed on every campervan and RV that we’ve owned. And we’d like to tell you a little more about this one and why it has done everything we have wanted it to do and moreover the years.

Editor’s Choice: Fan-Tastic Vent 3350

The Fan- Tastic Vent 3350 is our top recommendation for the best roof vent fan because of its multiple fan speeds, ability to both push stale air out and suck fresh air in, and its use for ventilating the living space while we cook inside on our stovetop.

It is easy to install, fitting into the standard roof vent fan space with only two wires to connect, and it is easy to clean and maintain. The rain sensor is a huge bonus to know that the dome will close when it detects rain.

Other roof vent fans come with all the bells and whistles. But this one comes with…

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