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Golf In The North Of Mallorca

Golf In The North Of Mallorca

Golf in the north of Mallorca 

For some, Mallorca equals partying in Magaluf; for others their destination of choice is the vibrant, beautiful capital Palma de Mallorca. Both of these are in the south of the island where there are many fine golf courses. But Mallorca’s best golf course is probably in the north.

Someone at the airport, who knew only that I was there to play golf, not what I did, told me Alcanada was the island’s best course. I asked how he could be so definite. “Because Golf Monthly says it is,” he replied with a self-satisfied air of someone with the clinching argument.

But first stop was Pula. Well umpteenth stop as it turned out as our driver got lost. We were later told that satnavs often struggle to locate Pula. At one point we were bumping down a potholed single lane overgrown track. Quite why the driver thought our hotel might be at the end of it I don’t know – it was the way to a rubbish dump it turned out – but a while later he was attempting to squeeze the minibus along a golf course cart path, so he was clearly an optimistic fellow.

Alcanada dogleg 1st hole

Doglegged 1st hole at Alcanada

(Image credit: Roderick Easdale)

It had been an eventful journey one way and another. I had been booked on Ryanair by a PR company who obviously hated me. The airport automatic gates could not read my boarding pass, so I was directed to Ryanair’s Customer Service (the definition of an oxymoron?) After twenty minutes in their queue, I calculated it would take more than two hours to be served, by which time my flight would have long gone. I pointed this out to a staff member, who sent me to another queue which he said was quicker. It was slower. I barged my way to the front and asked for a new boarding pass which, with bad grace, I was given. Then, by queue jumping at security and running like the wind (well okay, a gentle breeze), I made the gate just in time for the flight. Other airlines are available.

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