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13 Fun Things To Do In Finland With Kids

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Finland, the land of enchanting wilderness, should be high on your list of destinations to travel to if you’re looking for a family adventure.

There are so many things to do in Finland with kids, you’ll come back from your family holiday with memories your little ones will talk about for years to come.


Whether it’s a chance to marvel at the magical Northern Lights, explore Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, or taking a thrilling husky safari, there are plenty of attractions and activities the whole family can enjoy.

In this guide, I share some of the moments I will forever treasure from our family holiday in Lapland, so if you’re not sure what to do in Finland with kids, let these activities inspire you!

Things To Do In Finland With Kids

1. Visit The Real Santa Claus

santa etching on airport window
Arriving at the official airport of Santa Claus in Rovaniemi, Finland
children looking at santa claus exhibit
The kids loved visiting Santa in Finland!

After spending a day exploring Helsinki we jumped on a flight to Rovaniemi, the Capital of Finnish Lapland. We had arrived at the Official Airport of Santa.

Traveling with three children under 9, of course our first stop in Rovaniemi had to be to visit Santa Claus.

We traveled in Ruska, which is Finland’s Autumn, and although this may seem like an odd time to go to visit Santa, I actually think it made our family vacation even better. Not only did we avoid the crowds but we got a much more personal adventure.

Each time we visited Santa at the Santa Claus Village (yes we visited more than once…in fact on our first day the children wanted to go see him twice), we were either the only family there or joined by one or two other families.

Considering that annually over 300,000 people visit here, I would say we hit jackpot! Our children all got to have a long chat with Santa with no feeling of being rushed or moved on.

At Santa Claus Village, you can see the workshop where the elves work, meet Mr and Mrs Claus, learn about elf life at Elf School, and go on reindeer sleigh rides.

accommodation with porch in santa's village
Staying in the festive Santa’s village in Finland was fun for the whole family.

Things to Note:

  • Entry is free to see Santa with the option of professional videos and photographs available for a fee.
  • You can stay in Santa Claus Village. Cabins have a great festive feel all year round with Christmas trees. We also had our own personal…

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