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A Guide to Camera Gear for Traveling

Photographing a butterfly (photo: Jamie Street)

Whether going on a vacation for a few weeks or traveling long-term, packing a travel kit for camera gear can be challenging for photographers.

On the one hand, you want to have as much relevant camera gear as possible to account for whatever landscapes you encounter; on the other hand, packing light and minimal and sticking to the essentials is also necessary.

If you have a trip coming up soon and packing photography gear is giving you trouble, keep reading this article to learn about the essential camera gear you might need when traveling.

Camera Gear Tips

Photographing a butterfly (photo: Jamie Street)
Photographing a butterfly (photo: Jamie Street)

1. Lens

Deciding which lens to take with you can be tricky, as you can come across various scenarios while traveling, and different lenses have different advantages. We recommend going for zoom lenses over prime ones for travel photography. 

Zoom lenses give you a more flexible focal range without having to double up or take multiple lenses with you for different shot types.

However, if you want to cover all the different types of lenses you might need while keeping it light, consider purchasing the following three lenses:

  • A walk-around lens is a versatile option for portraits or shots of food, landscapes, and buildings
  • An ultra-wide or wide-angle lens for architecture, astrophotography, or landscapes
  • A telephoto lens for wildlife

If you’re still confused, try getting advice from fellow photographers or signing up for photo workshops, as they can help you better understand this subject.

2. Small Speedlight

You’ll need a light source to shoot portraits or do food photography. Consider packaging a flashgun/speedlight or an LED panel.

Choosing a flashgun with rechargeable batteries is helpful, as you’ll get more flashes out of one charge without buying many AA batteries.

Speedlights can help lower unnecessarily high contrast in pictures without editing the images and tweaking the shadows, reducing their quality in the process.

3. Suitable Power Bank and Spare Batteries

Owning a high-capacity power bank is essential when traveling. Most mirrorless cameras have an in-camera charging feature, which means you can use a power bank to charge it. You’ll also be able to charge any other gadgets like a laptop or phone.

Additionally, keeping spare batteries is also essential. Ensure that you charge them before you go so that you don’t have to worry about them later, and also pack rechargeable…

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