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27 Best Things to Do in Tulum, Mexico In 2024

Top things to do in Tulum Mexico

Tulum is nestled on the sun-kissed Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico and is a unique fusion of rich cultural heritage and impressive natural scenery. Our expert guide is packed with things to do in Tulum that will add the perfect zest to your travel diary. Picture yourself wandering through the iconic Mayan ruins set against the backdrop of the azure Caribbean Sea or diving into the hidden cenotes veiled by emerald jungles. Ready to dive in? Let’s uncover the top experiences in Tulum that promise to enrich your journey with unforgettable memories.

Top Things to Do in Tulum

Tulum’s Yucatan Peninsula is a haven of thick jungle, Mayan ruins, and paradisiacal white sand beaches – essentially everything you want in a beautiful holiday to Mexico. There are so many things to do in Tulum, including that loveably cheesy photoshoot spot near the Tulum sign.

The best way to get around Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is to rent a car. You can compare car rental prices here.

Tulum is tucked away on the eastern coast, south of Mexico’s Riviera Maya. It is just a short drive south of the tourist hubs of Cancun and Playa del Carmen, making it the perfect place to make a base when exploring Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Its convenient location means you can mix up days of adventure with moments of pure chill, all within a stone’s throw from each other. It’s a great starting point for all sorts of experiences, whether you’re here to dive, explore, or just soak up the laid-back vibe.

1. Tulum Mayan Ruins

best things to do in tulum mexico ancient mayan ruins

The Tulum Ruins are located just 20 minutes from the Tulum city center, so you’ll want to check them out. They are located on the water, overlooking the gorgeous Caribbean Sea and the white sand beach below.

Compared to other ruins sites in the Yucatan, the Tulum Mayan Ruins are small. However, it’s one of the most beautiful ruins in Mexico thanks to its privileged location on the cliffside.

Tulum Ruins in Tulum Mexico

Inside, you’ll see the Templo del Viento (Wind Temple), Templo del Dios Descendente (Temple of the Descending God), El Castillo (The Castle), and Templo de Los Frescos (Temple of the Frescoes). There is a designated pathway to walk along, so if you follow the path, you won’t miss a thing. This guided tour takes you through the archeological site and a visit to Cenote Chen Há and Mariposa cenotes.

You can tour the entire site in about one hour, but when you visit the ruins, try to go early in the day because there’s no shade, and it gets very, very…

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