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6 Things You Should Pack When Travelling to a Dangerous Location

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Despite the United States, Canada, and parts of Europe being extremely safe for travellers, many parts of the world are not. If you’re somebody who enjoys adventuring, safety should be one of your main priorities. Under no circumstances should you travel to dangerous locations without properly preparing first. Your life is not something to play with. This post’s intention is to shed light on six important things that you should pack when travelling to a dangerous location so that you can make sure no harm comes to you or those you’re travelling with.

Bulletproof Backpack

Some parts of the world are more dangerous than others. In some, it’s so dangerous that even tourists are shot at. While even in the craziest places it’s unlikely anybody’s going to take a shot at you if a location that you are travelling to has a high gun crime rate, a lightweight bulletproof backpack will keep you safe. These backpacks will ensure that you don’t get hit with a stray shot from behind, also. When you are walking through an area with high gun crime, being hit by a bullet that’s intended for somebody else is always a risk. Bulletproof backpacks can be very heavy, which is why it’s important to pick up a lightweight one.  These backpacks tend to be very spacious and can still be used to carry around your personal effects.

Bringing Cash

You might think that bringing cash to a dangerous place is a bad idea, but this isn’t true. More often than not, dangerous places have poor infrastructure. In such places, cash is king. You will not be able to use your card in a shanty town, will you? Taking cash with you means that you’ll still be able to make purchases. However, you do need to make sure that you do not bring lots of cash, and when you do, don’t flash it around. A lot of people find that carrying decoy cash is the best way to prevent themselves from being robbed. What this means is to carry three sets of cash around with you. The first, you keep it in an obvious place, the second, you keep it in a more hidden place, and the third, you keep it somewhere where nobody is going to find it. If anybody tries to rob you, you can give them the first amount, then if they push you the second amount. Make the second look like it is your hidden stash.

Digital Camera

If you take an expensive phone or camera to somewhere that is dangerous, you make yourself an attractive target to…

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