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Top Wellness Experiences Around the World

Wellness experience in Sri Lanka

From tranquil Ayurveda spas to yoga amid snow-capped peaks and rejuvenating in mineral-rich hot springs, here are our five favorite wellness experiences.

We go on vacation for various reasons: to experience new cultures, for some adventure and fun, maybe to bond with family and friends in a relaxing environment, or just to tick a place off our bucket list. We come back from these trips happy, inspired and already planning the next vacation. We also come back to work, the stresses of daily life and a host of commitments. Our lives are so fast-paced with little time to truly take care of ourselves mentally and physically. But there is a type of vacation that can help rejuvenate and ground you by providing the self-care you need – a wellness experience. 

At Enchanting Travels, we have handpicked the best wellness retreats in the world just for you. These luxury holistic destinations are devoted to helping you detox and connect with yourself as well as boosting your mental and physical health.


Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

There is no better place to enjoy an Ayurvedic retreat, than in the Indian subcontinent– where the ancient practice originated. Ayurveda is devoted to holistic well-being using nutrition, massages, exercise and meditation specially prescribed based on your body ‘dosha’ or constitution. At Heritance Ayurveda in Sri Lanka, not only can you immerse yourself in an Ayurvedic program, but you can experience it in a tranquil, beautiful property.

Designed by the iconic Geoffrey Bawa, this Ayurvedic resort faces the beach and is the perfect setting to heal your body, mind and soul. The rooms and suites are elegantly done up in a relaxing color palette and have large balconies that face the gardens or the ocean. Your restful accommodation allows you to make the most of the treatments offered here. From detoxification and stress relief programs to special therapies to increase your energy and immunity, the qualified doctors at the hotel will put together a plan and diet just for you. 

Combine your stay at Heritance with some beach-hopping and sightseeing. Our Ayurveda Tour of Sri Lanka brings you the best of local culture, allows you to learn more about the history of this wonderful island and imbibe the essence of Ayurveda.


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