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15 Best Things to do in Budva, Montenegro

A tiny walled city with orange roofs surrounded by the bright blue ocean and beaches on each side.

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Budva is THE premier beach destination of Montenegro — and a hotspot of the Baltics. There are a ton of things to do in Budva — a town with beaches, high-rise apartments and hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, and a small old town that feels like a miniature Dubrovnik.

While most visitors to Montenegro spend the bulk of their time in the beautiful town of Kotor, a lot of people are disappointed that there aren’t any decent beaches around the Bay of Kotor.

The solution? Head 30 minutes south to Budva! Montenegro’s glorious beaches extend southward along the Budva Riviera, including famous beach towns like Sveti Stefan and Petrovac.

I’ve been visiting Montenegro for more than a decade, and some of my best memories have come from Budva — especially the year I attended Sea Dance Festival, with incredible performances and dancing until dawn on Jaz Beach.

If you’re planning to explore Montenegro in depth, you can’t skip Budva and the Riviera! In addition to offering Montenegro’s best beaches, Budva is a great destination for history, culture, dining, and nightlife. It feels a little bit like Miami on the Adriatic.

Here are the best things to do in Budva, Montenegro — a town that I’m excited to share with you..

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This post was published in January 2024 and co-written by Adventurous Kate and Dale Persons.

An aerial shot of Budva Montenegro, via Shutterstock

The Best Things to Do in Budva, Montenegro

Wander the Old Town

Budva’s old town is like a smaller, condensed version of Dubrovnik, Croatia. It’s a historic walled city that juts out into the sea, filled with picture-perfect stone buildings with orange tiled roofs.

You can stroll along the Budva city walls and admire the views of both the town and the surrounding Adriatic Sea. The entrance fee for walking the city walls is only 3 EUR ($3.25 USD), a bargain in comparison to Dubrovnik’s 35 EUR fee (which has probably increased in the moments I’ve been writing this…).

Just outside the walls of the old town, you’ll find the Budva Dancing Girl statue, a beautiful sculpture with one of the best views of the old town behind it. This is worth a stop for photos at the very least.

If you’d prefer to explore…

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