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The 15 BEST Things to Do in Byron Bay (2024 Guide)

Things To Do In Byron Bay

It’s one of Australia’s most popular destinations, and one look at all the best things to do in Byron Bay will have you keen as to visit!

If you’re planning a trip to Australia’s east coast, there’s a very good chance you’ve heard of this place!

Out of all of the nation’s travel highlights, Byron Bay is one of those unforgettable gems that really sticks out.

This bustling coastal town in the north of New South Wales is a scenic paradise that truly feels like it has come out of a fantasy book.

It boasts stunning views from high vantage points, a soul-soothing ocean, a charmingly welcoming local culture that you just can’t get enough of, and so much more.

With Brunswick Heads and the Brunswick River to the north, Lennox Head and Lake Ainsworth to the south, and the Hinterland to the west, Byron Bay is sandwiched between heaps of natural beauty.

So whether you’re flying into Byron Bay for a weekend, or traveling along the coast of NSW or southern Queensland, the entire area is full of sightseeing and opportunities for adventure.

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Our Guide to the Best Things to Do in Byron Bay

When you’re looking at what to do in Byron Bay, there’s a wide range of activities and day trips, each one more captivating than the last.

Whether it’s visiting local landmarks like the world-famous lighthouse or enjoying the delightful sunset over the Pacific Ocean, everything simply feels magical here.

And because tourism is a big part of the town, there are lots of opportunities to go snorkelling, scuba diving, whale watching, or exploring the nearby Byron Bay hinterland.

Its beaches are quite phenomenal too. Even though they might be responsible for putting Byron Bay on the map, there are just so many more things to love about the town.

Here’s our list of 15 awesome things to do in Byron Bay.

Things To Do In Byron Bay
The Lighthouse on Cape Byron – Visiting this is of the best things to do in Byron Bay.

1) Take a Stroll Through Cumbebin Wetland Sanctuary

In the past, before it was urbanised, Byron Bay used to be a swamp. And while today it’s a very modern and trendy place, there’s still a spot in the town that’s used to preserve its history.

It’s a relatively small place that’s an actual wetland. Even though it’s controlled, it does have an unbridled feel to it. Some call it the tree sanctuary as well because of its massive, gnarly trees.

But not to worry, if you choose to take a…

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