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The best experience holidays in Jordan for 2024

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With sun-drenched summers, a Unesco-graded heritage and Bedouin camps offering clear views of the constellations, Jordan knows how to host a holiday.

Days diving into the Red Sea and sunning oneself on golden sands in Aquaba steal the appeal for a Jordan holiday, but a labyrinth of Nabataean architecture in Petra, the desert dunes of Wadi Rum and Amman’s colourful cuisine is where the country truly shines.

Prepare for sugar-soaked knafeh in the capital’s central souk, beguiling structural beauty in the “Rose City” and a salty soak in the Dead Sea amid the rich history and vibrant social scene of Jordan’s cities.

Aside from more traditional pastimes, the intrepid thrills of a 675km hiking trail from north to south and yoga sessions in the company of camels weave the otherworldly terrain.

Here’s a carefully curated list of Jordanian highlights to inspire adventurous hikes, camps and cruises and how to pull off a trip to the Middle Eastern kingdom.

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Taste Amman’s culinary heritage

Feast on falafel, hummus and mansaf in the Jordanian capital

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Jordan’s vibrant capital offers not only a sensory feast but a fusion of flavours for holidaymakers to eat their way through Amman’s culinary history. On the menu is stuffed falafel, creamy hummus and mansaf lamb, the national dish, all seasoned with olive oil from ancient groves and salt sifted from the Dead Sea punctate plates. Come morning, Bedouin breakfasts of labneh yoghurt and jebneh cheese pastries tantalise the taste buds. You can even learn the art of upside-down casserole, or maqluba, at one of the city’s traditional cooking schools.

How to do it

Responsible Travel offers a small group Jordan Food Adventure Holiday for a six-day food-fueled trip around Amman. From £960pp, Bedouin banquets, mezze picnics and traditional Jordanian breakfasts are for the eating, with cooking classes and gastronomy lessons included as you travel between accommodations; flights not included.

Float the Dead Sea

The salt lake sandwiched between Jordan and Israel has a salt concentration of 34 per cent

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The lowest body of water on Earth’s surface, the salt lake Dead Sea sandwiched between Jordan and Israel, is primed for floating with a salt concentration of 34 per cent. Emerald hues lap the otherworldly shore crusted with…

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