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20% Transfer Bonus from Chase Ultimate Rewards to Aeroplan (Ending Soon)

20% Transfer Bonus from Chase Ultimate Rewards to Aeroplan (Ending Soon)

In December 2023, Chase Ultimate Rewards launched its latest transfer bonus promotion, offering a 20% bonus for converting points to Aeroplan on top of the usual 1:1 ratio.

Among all transferable rewards in the US, Chase typically offers the lowest frequency of transfer bonuses to any transfer partner. Therefore, this third-ever Aeroplan transfer bonus is quite exciting, and illustrates the depth of the relationship between Aeroplan and Chase.

As a reminder, this offer ends January 15, 2024, and can be an excellent opportunity to rack up Aeroplan points – especially if you also happen to hold the Chase Aeroplan Card.

20% Transfer Bonus from Chase UR to Aeroplan

Between December 4, 2023, and January 15, 2024, all Chase Ultimate Rewards transferred to Aeroplan will include a 20% transfer bonus.

This brings the transfer ratio from the usual 1:1 to an effective ratio of 1:1.2. 

As a reminder, Chase Ultimate Rewards points are a US-issued points currency, and you’ll need to be fairly far along in the US credit card game in order to earn these points as a Canadian. 

You’ll need to transfer at least 1,000 Chase UR points to qualify for the bonus; however, there’s no cap as to how many points you can transfer over.

The listed transfer time is up to seven days, but you can expect your points to arrive much faster than that, as it’s typically instant.

Chase Aeroplan Card: An Extra Bonus of 10% Aeroplan Points

If you also hold the Chase Aeroplan Card, you have the potential to earn an additional 10% bonus alongside the current 20% transfer bonus.

Chase and Aeroplan offer a 10% bonus when converting Ultimate Rewards points into Aeroplan points, as long as you hold a Chase Aeroplan Card.

This began as a temporary promotion that was set to expire on December 31, 2023; however, Aeroplan recently confirmed that it’s now a permanent feature, which means that cardholders can enjoy the 10% transfer bonus in perpetuity.

The 10% transfer bonus will be posted separately from the base amount, and can take up to 72 hours to post on your Aeroplan account.

Note that this extra 10% bonus will apply to the base transfer points, and not on top of the promotional 20% transfer bonus. In other words, the two transfer bonuses will combine additively, not multiplicatively.

For example, when transferring 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points to Aeroplan as a holder of the Chase Aeroplan Card, you’ll earn a total…

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