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Air Canada passenger falls out of plane after opening door on tarmac

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To add to the recent air travel mayhem, an Air Canada passenger plummeted onto the tarmac after opening the plane’s door during boarding.

Air Canada told Global News that on 8 January, as passengers were boarding the aircraft, which was parked at the gate, one passenger “who had boarded the aircraft normally” opened a cabin door on the opposite side of the plane, rather than going to their designated seat.

The flight was scheduled to fly from Toronto to Dubai, and was delayed six hours due to the incident, according to the airline’s flight tracker.

Peel Regional Police told Global News that the unidentified traveller was “in a state of crisis”. The passenger “suffered relatively minor injuries from falling onto the tarmac”, the authorities added.

The airline told the outlet, “We can confirm all of our approved boarding and cabin operating procedures were followed.”

The Independent has reached out to Air Canada.

The airline has been making headlines in recent months over a variety of incidents and scandals.

Just last month, Air Canada faced a steep fine of C$97,500 after a disabled passenger had to drag himself off a plane because the airline neglected to provide him with wheelchair assistance.

Months ago, Air Canada made waves after its passengers were allegedly ‘kicked off’ a plane after being forced to sit in vomit-covered seats. The airline apologised after the incident, admitting the affected passengers “clearly did not receive the standard of care to which they were entitled”.

There has been no shortage of air travel news lately. Last week, a door plug on one of Alaksa Airlines’ Boeing 737 Max 9 planes blew out shortly after takeoff. No one was injured.

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