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Our Experience On A Hard Times Mount Isa Mine Tour, Queensland

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Mount Isa is a remote and enchanting town located in the heart of Outback Queensland.

It’s most famous for its rich history of mining, which you can learn all about on a unique Hard Times Mine Tour, which takes you deep into Mount Isa’s mining heritage.

It’s also famous for having the biggest rodeo in the Southern Hemisphere, but it’s more famous for the mine.

If you’re thinking of visiting Mount Isa and going on one of the Mt Isa mine tours, but not sure what to expect, then this guide is for you.

We’ve shared our experience visiting the mines and what you can expect.

Disclaimer: We visited Mount Isa in partnership with Tourism Queensland as part of our Outback Queensland drive, though all ideas, thoughts and opinions in this guide are our own.

About Hard Times Underground Mt Isa Mine Tours

Tourism Australia

This unique underground experience takes you through the depths of the Hard Times Mine in Outback Queensland.

Led by knowledgeable guides, you’ll get to explore the tunnels and witness the mining machinery that once operated in this purpose-built mine.

The guides will share stories of the challenges faced by miners and the importance of mining in Australia’s history.

The experience has a hands-on nature and allows visitors to truly engage with the experience, making it informative, interactive, and unforgettable all at the same time.

You get to descend into the mine in an Alimak Cage, before entering the tunnels. You learn how tunnels are formed using boom drills and mucking units, see the machinery such as the jackhammer and even get to use the air-leg drill.

You even get to be kitting-out in orange overalls, gumboots and hard hat.

You must book your tour online in advance. Get tickets here!

History of Mining in Mount Isa

Group experiencing the Hard Times Underground Mine Tou
credit: Tourism and Events Queensland

Mining has played a pivotal role in shaping the history of Mount Isa.

The discovery of silver-lead ore deposits in 1923 by John Campbell Miles led to the establishment of Mount Isa Mines in January 1924.

Over the years, the mining operations expanded, and by the 1950s and 1960s, exploration activities significantly increased the ore reserves in Mount Isa.

The city’s growth and prosperity have been closely tied to the success of the mining industry.

Today, Mount Isa still has mining operations underway. The Glencore mine,…

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